torsdag, januar 25, 2007

Scrum, Philipines and CMMI. Uhh hit by reallity

Since the beginning of january we have been working on this asignment. I'm the customer so i'm kind of the productowner in Scrum terms. I'm also trying to create a atmosphere of openness, proactiveness and responsibility plus architecting, reviewing, etc. It's almost before i'm doing the actual production myself. Damn..
The combination of the CMMI implementation and Scrum is a really interesting thing down here. We have wrapped the delivery into sprints (iterations). That's all fine. We have contained stages (Ana./design/build/test) etc. Thats also fine, but.....
We have a big number of formal review points. Let me give your example.
One delivery of a analysis document requires the following reviews:
1. teamlead with a formal pointsheet.
2. Architects office with a formal pointsheet.
and then finally
3. Customer review with a formal pointsheet.
The turn-around time for this is yeah...
Okay so i'm trying to shortcut the process. I'll do informal reviews as soon as possible, but it's a challenge.
And furthermore which is really sad it seems that it takes away the resposibility from the actual producers of the product. And then we'll not have the productivity gains that scrum promises.
But it's a different culture and the people the consultancy recruites are not taking for the ability to ask questions and stand up for them self. So the team self-organising is so-so. A lot of organising is put on the shoulders on the teamleads and actually me the client.
Okay let's see. We have done some sort of sprint planning sessions, but that was a bit of a challenge because the team didn't have any idea about the technology, the domain etc.
So we planned for them. First mistake.
okay we're having the daily scrums. That's good, but it's like statusreporting to somebody else than the team. We are updating the burndown so that's good.
But the big problem is that the velocity is low.
Hmm but i don't think it has anything to do with Scrum. It's a knowledge thing.
The good news is that the concept of a potentially shippable product really "screws" things up down here and catches mistakes really quick so we are benefitting.


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