mandag, november 13, 2006

So far so good?

Yeah we are now up and running. I'm just reviewing management process documents for our project and hay Scrum is part of the process' now. Thats kind of interessting because their current process doesn't support Scrum out of the box. Systematic (a danish software company) does that. It's like they have a selection of different pm frameworks to choose from where Scrum is one of them.
I have tried doing scrum for a little month now and it's actually interessting to see what goes wrong. We have our daily Scrums and thats fine. But we are in a process of planning the project so the tasks are very loosely defined which means that the burndowns doesn't get used. We also don't have a Scrum Master so there is nobody preaching and facilitating. We are all caught up in doing stuff so we are focused on that instead of scrumming. I have a hope that as part of the going offshore we will be able to do scrum. Our team will grow from 4 persons to 10 where 2-3 of us will have external roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master and ?).
So i'll try doing it for the actual delivery project.


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