mandag, november 13, 2006

What are we doing? MDD/EMF/GEF/JET/GMF/UML2 etc

The tla's in the title kind of says it all :) Currently we have an development environment based on IBM's WSAD and XDE where we do model driven development. The current implementation have some charateristics that makes us want to have a new implementation.
1) it's based on XDE which 1) isn't a world class product and 2) goes out of IBM's support cycle
2) the current implementation isn't what i would say based on a sound and best practice way of implementating functionality in Eclipse.

So we will be trying to migrate from WSAD/XDE to IBM's RSA. We will try to use as many open source (Eclipse) technologies as possible.
There are some challenges in this project.
1) RSA 7 is still a beta
2) We have a huge model in XDE that needs to be migrated to RSA. The current IBM supplied importer doesn't quite make it
3) The knowledge of the developers around Eclipse is low
4) The knowledge of the developers around model traversing and manipulation in RSA is low
5) The stability of the APIs are unknown

So that's really interesting.


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