onsdag, oktober 25, 2006

We now have liftoff

Finally did the people from the philipines arrive. Thanx to the danish immigrations they are only 1 month delayed :)
Anyway it will be interessting and a challenge to start this project because i want to use agile methods and they have never heard about agile methods. But they think it interessting so let's see how it goes.
The first couple of days have been exciting. A lot of presentations and trying to learn about each other. I can be a bit disturb that I as the customer will have to make a lot of architectural choises on my own but hell lets have a lot of fun doing the project and see how it goes.
Besides that i have spend a lot of time planning the temporary move offshore.
For those of you that are technically interested the project is about migrating a MDA type development environment developed in WSAD/XDE to a newer version of Eclipse preferably based solely on eclipse technologies but it could also include RSA (IBM's development environment).
Currently we're are looking (starting) to look at pros and cons against making our own Domain Specific Language (DSL) implementation with the help of EMF, GEF etc. or basing the migration on UML2 and IBM's UML2 editors.
The challenges are many but mainly there are coming from the fact that the existing environment is developed as a prototype some would even say POC. I'll keep you all posted. Also regarding integrating the vendors CMMI level 5 processes and Scrum.


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