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Integrating CMMI and Scrum

I'm going to do a project off-shore (will be onshore when i go :)). The delivery center is CMMI level 5 (of course).
That gives me a interesting challenge. I have to integrate the delivery center CMMI process' into Scrum (or the other way around).
That means that not only should i master scrum but also the delivery centers implementation of CMMI.
Joseph Pelrine and others says that Scrum is CMM level 3, that is there is a description (level 2) and the process is characterised (for the organisation) and proactive.
What i miss is then :)
Level 4: defined "enough" measure so that we can measure and control (are the burndowns and backlogs enough?) and to reach
Level 5 we just need to define continuous process improvements.
As i see it - the existing process just have to include Scrum and then we'll use the existing process' for reaching 4 and 5.
If any of you have some thoughts on this one I would appriciate them.
I'll keep this post updated as i get wiser.
Just found a interesting blog entry on cmmi.
It will be interessting to see the process they're using.


Blogger Scott Sehlhorst said...

First - thanks to the links to our CMMI articles at Tyner Blain!

Second - I would suggest that a good way to approach extending Scrum to level 4 would be to add a feedback loop reconciling the effort spent during the sprint with the original estimates. The burndown focus doesn't seem to address estimation-accuracy alone. Adding this may help you get there.

Third - For level 5, I would incorporate tracking of bugs along with root cause analysis of where the bugs were introduced in the process. Do they come from (poor definitions in the backlog, implementation mistakes, or somewhere else? I would then use this data to drive improvements in how the product owner, team, and scrum master approach these processes.

Please keep us all posted on how this goes!

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