onsdag, maj 20, 2009

hay i'm back and now with .Net

I been through a interessting year since last post. I've joined a new company and is now working as a socalled domain manager where i'm strategic responsible for connectivity tools in the whole product which is a investment management suite.
I'm still preaching scrum but now on the other side as product owner.
But that's not what i want to blog about. I have just come home from microsoft teched 2009 which was a very inspiring visit. The dark side of computing is getting brighter. Some of the really interessting stuff that i'll be looking into is the workflow support that is coming in .Net 4.0 which will be XAML based. Also the project named velocity looks promising. it's a distibuted memory cache that will come with the 2008 server rel.2
Other interessting projects are
Oslo with the m language for defining grammars
Dublin for having better server behavior :)
and azure which is microsofts cloud computing solution