mandag, september 03, 2007

Eclipse stuff

Just went to a gathering. Heared some interessting stuff about eclipse (and some not). There was a director from the eclipse foundation (Ralph Mueller) who talked about stuff but also talked about modelling in Eclipse and would see if he could bring me in contact with the european eclipse modelling community. That could be cool. There are some interessting eclipse projects that i have to look at. For instance a project called mylyn that's about integrating your tasks into your IDE. It looks like it also tries? only to show what's in your change set aka only makes sense for the task at hand.
Eclipse maintains a site with a lot of live demos, webcasts etc

Currently i'm trying not to think DSL every time i see a problem. So it's about thinking out of the box but it's funny to observe how you (at least i) always tend to solve every problem with the tool you currently have in your hand. It's difficult to step back and look down in the toolbox to see if there are other possible tools that could do the trick.



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